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Rather than quickly diverting the call or moving away to take it privately, juventus pink jersey Woodward instead made sure everyone knew who was calling him — “Ha! It’s Jorge Mendes,” he said. He went on to manage East Fife and Airdrie – including trying to buy the latter – recommended a young Robert Lewandowski to some unconvinced clubs in the UK and did the deal to take Mikel Arteta to Rangers. Signing Ronaldo would also require finding funds from outside the transfer budget and Woodward would need to persuade co-chairman Joel Glazer of the financial and sporting sense of doing the deal that, sources have said, will cost at least £500,000 a week in wages for the next two years. ‘The club hadn’t won the league in 11 years. The club was clear about wanting to recoup in the region of €28m to avoid a capital loss on his move from Real Madrid in 2018, so they could begin their rebuild, but all they asked was that it was best if business got done quickly. When Ronaldo began to be heavily linked with Real Madrid in mid-August, Juve reached out to him and Mendes, though the forward gave no indication he wanted to leave.

The response this time was more positive than it had been in June and with Ronaldo finally making a decision to leave Juventus, even missing a training session last week, City began looking at how to make a deal work. Why was he allowed to leave Juventus? There was a reluctance to meet the financial demands of both Juventus and Ronaldo — he earned €31m net and bonuses per year at Juventus, who also asked for around €28m in a transfer fee to avoid a capital loss on the deal that brought Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2018 — and Pep Guardiola also had reservations about how he would fit in on and off the pitch. There were conversations about players possibly moving in the other direction but eventually a transfer fee of €15 million, with another €8m in add-ons, was agreed. The staggering fee is the main reason Coutinho comes in eighth on this list, with £20m in other transfer deals contributing to the Brazilian’s accumulative total. Lionel Messi broke the record for the most shirts sold within the first 24 hours of a transfer. UK on Friday, the official announcement came through to cap off a remarkable 24 hours.

UK time on Friday, he was already confident Ronaldo was coming back. Ronaldo has maintained contact with many from his time at United, principally Ferdinand and Evra, but he also has retained relationships with members of staff behind the scenes. Juventus had no contact with City at that point and while they briefed that they were expecting a formal bid, all they got from City was a verbal one. Mendes told Juventus that City had been in contact. City remain unhappy with Mendes’ role in the saga with some believing he used interest from the Etihad to force United into acting. Real Madrid was a no-go, United rebuffed him, Paris Saint-Germain were focused on extending Kylian Mbappe’s contract, City were pursuing Kane, Chelsea were looking at Erling Haaland and then Romelu Lukaku. Ronaldo played for Real Madrid for exactly 9 seasons scoring 451 goals in 438 games and winning four European Cups with the club. When Ronaldo changed his mind earlier this month, Mendes made Woodward aware, but United had done their planned business by signing Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund and agreeing a deal for Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane. At that stage, Juve believed Ronaldo’s preferred destinations were Real Madrid, PSG and Chelsea, in that order, because of his desire to win another Champions League.

And one staffer has told ESPN of a moment in Turin, following United’s 2-1 Champions League win against Juventus in November 2018, when his ongoing respect for United became clear. He also wore the No7 at Juventus. According to the team’s website, Ronaldo fans can purchase children’s jerseys with his name for €84.95 ($98.90), women’s jerseys for €94.95 ($110.60), men’s jerseys for €104.95 ($122.20) and an authentic replica of the gear worn by Juventus players for €137.45 ($160.10). This CR7 jersey can be customized with your names on it. Fans who want to celebrate Ronaldo’s return to England can do so by buying his Manchester United jersey at Fanatics whenever it is released. Manchester United receive up to £75 million per year from Adidas. An increase of 21.9 million euros since he joined. When United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s weekly news conference began at 1:15 p.m. City sources insist they pulled out well before Guardiola began his own news conference at 1:30 p.m. Sources have told ESPN that Guardiola and some members of the City hierarchy have been unimpressed with the way Mendes conducted negotiations, but if the ultimate objective of drawing City in was to lure United back to the table, it worked.

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