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The Portugal winger was awarded a Juve top before his side’s match against Bologna, which had the number ‘700’ printed on the back with his name above it. But it was only once news broke that the club could now withdraw from the tournament did fans relent – loudly cheering the decision and the club’s name. He may have cost the Italian club a pretty penny, juventus jersey 2021 but the returns for going all out to sign Ronaldo seem to prove their decision was a good one. The Cristiano Ronaldo effect is certainly strong. And so it is that the ‘Cristiano effect’ is not only being noticed in the sale of official shirts. It could be as high as $82.68 million, when only taking authentic shirts into account. Sports rights of the players also soared from 107.4 million euros to 149.4 million, an increase of €41.4m of which €28.8m can be assigned to the former Madrid man. Still, Ronaldo’s massive shirt sales are a testament to how much he can help Juve’s bottom line.

The problem lies in the fact that Edinson Cavani currently has the shirt number, potentially preventing ‘CR7’ from getting his hands on the jersey. Rashford had the best accuracy when it came to shots with 68.1 per cent, with Martial on 63.3 per cent and Cavani just ahead of Ronaldo on 60.4 per cent. He netted 29 of those when presented with a big chance, while Cavani and Rashford were United’s most clinical players on 14 each. And while the finer details of the deal are undisclosed, it has been reported that it is ‘very unlikely’ Man Utd will see any more than 10 per cent of a shirt sale. That was how United grew under Ferguson, but recently the club appears to have more invested in commercial sideshows. I said: “You have to stop this”. As one of the world’s most famous and successful athletes, Ronaldo’s appeal is still tremendously strong and Juventus have gained a significant financial boost after signing him.

When news of Ronaldo’s intended move broke, Juventus shares popped almost 40%. The club also witnessed a massive social-media boost as its channels gained more than 1.5 million new followers in a single day. Partly due to Arturo Vidal’s absence due to knee surgery, Marchisio started more matches in the last few months of the season – his four goals all came during the latter half of the season. Even though he has enjoyed tremendous success over the years, eyebrows were raised at the transfer fee due to Ronaldo’s age of 33. Even he admitted that “players his age usually go to Qatar or China”. The mere possibility of his transfer was enough to increase the club’s share price a little more than 18 percent over two days earlier this month. As positive as that sounds for the Italian champions, merchandise sales are a little bit more complicated. That volume, at an individual price of 130 euros (more or less what an official shirt would set you back), brings in a global sales revenue of 170 million euros. The Red Devils re-signed Ronaldo from Juventus for £12.85million, with many fans presuming the money will be recouped by the revenue he will bring in, with shirt sales one such avenue.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ronaldo will be reunited with the No7 shirt that he wore during his first spell with United. But according to the BBC, Man Utd’s shirt deal with Adidas means they will only receive around £5 per shirt. Man Utd signed a 10-year contract with adidas worth £750m back in 2014, the biggest kit deal ever seen in world football. Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus last week in a $129.3 million (£99.2 million) deal, but the Italian club will not recuperate the bulk of the transfer fee from shirt sales alone, as typically clubs receive only 10-15% of the revenue generated by the kit manufacturer (in this case, Adidas). Ronaldo is starting to repay his transfer fee even though he hasn’t even kicked a soccer ball yet. Ronaldo said he wanted to take Juventus to a “higher level,” the BBC reported. The report also highlights the growth in the number of fans of the club, which increased by 38 million to take it to 423,000,000. This information came from a study undertaken by Nielsen Sports, who covered 45 countries around the world. A bottom half finish would represent a backwards step for Maran should the season take a turn for the worst.

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